New Prices and Benefits for 2013 Season Tickets

DC United has released its prices and benefits for 2013 season tickets ( The prices for the last three seasons have been the same, but this year, there are some major changes happening including prices, games, and benefits. Jump to see the list of benefits and my take on them.

Here are the benefits for the full season ticket holder on the left, 9 game season ticket holder in the middle, and 4 game season ticket holder for the right.

Access to Season Ticket Holder Champions Club (NEW) X
Exclusive Season Ticket Holder entrance gate (NEW) X
Lowest possible price on group tickets (NEW) X
Exclusive access to first team training session (NEW) X
Access to youth clinic with D.C. United players (NEW)

Attendance rewards program (NEW) X
Priority seating in new D.C. United stadium X
Same great seat at every D.C. United home match X
Invitation to Meet the Team Day X
Exclusive access to select matchday activities*

Monthly payment plan option X
STH lanyard/credential for tickets X
Exclusive Season Ticket Holder gift X
STH membership ID card for exclusive benefits X
Dedicated customer service account representative

15% discount at RFK Stadium Team Store X
Flexible exchange policy on unused tickets X X
Discounted parking option X X
Exclusive pre-sale opportunities to other

soccer events
Savings off service fees X X X

First of all, it will be 18 games, not 20 so there will either only be one friendly or US Open Cup match. Either DC United has given up scheduling friendlies (I still have Special Game B and C unused) or they want us to pay for it. This wouldn't be too bad, except that we're paying almost the same amount for two less games. I understand that prices had to go up as I expected, but I would like the same amount of games. More soccer is never a bad thing.

One benefit that I'm a bit dubious about is a separate entrance for season ticket holders. It will be interesting to see where it will be placed as I currently almost always enter games from Lot 8 and I know the drill so getting in quickly is rarely a problem. For people coming directly from the Metro and on games where Living Social or college nights are offered with a lot of newbies, I can see the benefit of skirting those entrances. I would hope season ticket holder entrances should have the giveaway stocked up so that a season ticket holder could arrive a bit later and not worry about missing out. The other benefit of entrance to the Champions Club would be cool. I assume it is the bar on the mezzanine which I have only entered once. It would be a good place to go if one arrives early, but doesn't want to fight the crowds. Does anyone remember using this place in years past and what it was like?

Attendance rewards program is something that other places have started to offer including Philadelphia Union. I would assume that full season ticket holders would receive the season ticket card, but tickets would be on the card itself (no more booklets). When scanned, points would be rewarded depending on when you attended the match so more points are given to a Wednesday night game than to a Saturday night game to reward your loyalty. The points would then be redeemed for a discount in the team shop or something similar. I'm excited about that as I go without being recognized for my attendance, but I think it's nice that I'll get rewarded for it.

Now the last thing from the list that I want to point out is priority seating for the new DC United stadium. By being making this kind of benefit, is it a done deal or they had to put it out there even though they can't promise anything?

So, will you sign up for a season ticket based on these benefits? For me, I'm coming back next year as a Screaming Eagle STH and am excited about these benefits. Is there something that you are excited about or would like to see offered? I'm curious to get your perspectives.

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