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5 games in two weeks comes to an end tomorrow night

Even though he scares me, I like Dejan Jakovic
Even though he scares me, I like Dejan Jakovic

After a long stretch of game after game after game, D.C United will finally get a bit of a break. But not before facing off against Real Salt Lake tomorrow night in Utah, a notoriously difficult place to play. And with an international break coming up, why not ride the ride the group that has brought you some better run of fortune?

One thing of which I have been thinking is did we get spoiled in April and May? If you had told an average D.C. United fan in February that the team would be well in the playoff hunt come the start of September, would anyone have complained? For all its ups and downs, this team is about where we all expected it to be. So let us step a few inches back from the ledger. We know this team can do better, but they're right where we thought they would.

As you can well tell, this is the same team that has been run out the past two matches. And of course, there is always the chance of Branko Boskovic coming back into the lineup. But even though Real Salt Lake has been scuffling along a bit, they can still turn on the firepower when they want. This slightly more defensive lineup, which allows the wingers and fullbacks to get more involved, has helped lock things down.

With this lineup, the subs will likely be Joe Willis, Hamdi Salihi, Branko Boskovic, Emiliano Dudar, Long Tan, Lewis Neal, and Ethan White. Ethan White, you say? He can play centerback and right back, and made the bench over Mike Chabala last game. What do you all see a'happenin' this weekend?