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GameThread 26: D.C. United Vs. New York Red Bulls

Hey, it's hard to go on the road and win. No doubt about it. And as D.C. United fans, we need to accept certain infallible truths - there will be injuries, there will be schedule congestion, Hamdi Salihi will never get enough playing time, and the New York Red Bulls will never win a trophy.

I hope that we won't wind up adding another infallible truth to that list - that United will always inevitably miss the playoffs by a single game. That's been our recent history, but it should by no means be our immediate future. And since its been so damn hard for team to win on the road, United needs to take advantage of every opportunity for points at RFK Stadium.

Game time: 8:00 PM

TV: Galavision

Projected starting lineup: We're amid an interesting situation in which United played one of its best games of the year on Wednesday night, and then played one of its worst games of the year on Saturday night. Since everyone within the organization believes the Red Bulls to be the club's top rival, I think we can all count on seeing the guys from Wednesday's game out there again.

And so Andy Najar will return to right back, where he was so dominant against the Chicago Fire, moving Chris Korb back to the left. Dejan Jakovic will replace Emiliano Dudar in the middle once again, pairing with Brandon McDonald. After they both got some rest against the Montreal Impact, Chris Pontius and Nick DeLeon will be the starting wingers again, with Perry Kitchen and Marcelo Saragosa in the middle. Dwayne De Rosario will start up top next to Lionard Pajoy.

Prediction: These teams don't usually disappoint from an entertainment level. I'm predicting our home undefeated streak to continue in a 3-2 United win.

What are you drinking? All those games where I said I was staying sober to drive my wife to the hospital in case of emergency? That's all in the past. Champagne's on me, fellas.

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