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GameThread 24: D.C. United Vs. Chicago Fire

Back in May when we first realized that this D.C. United team is kind of awesome, we thought that we had a great chance to finish among the top three spots in the MLS Eastern Conference, and earn automatic qualification for the playoffs proper. Now that we're in fifth place, things look a bit different. Have our expectations changed though?

If you expect a top three seed in the playoffs, then tonight's match against the Chicago Fire is one of the biggest United will face this season. If you'd be content with just making the playoffs, then Saturday's match against the Montreal Impact is one of the biggest United will face this season. Either way, this is a pretty damn important week.

Game time: 7:30 PM

TV: Comcast SportsNet

Projected starting lineup: Suspensions will force Ben Olsen's hand a bit. But other than the missing pieces of Emiliano Dudar and Branko Boskovic, we should know what to expect in the starting lineup. Lionard Pajoy will start again at forward next to Chris Pontius, with Dwayne De Rosario right behind them at the top of the midfield. Nick DeLeon, Perry Kitchen, and Andy Najar will form the rest of the midfield, with Mike Chabala, Dejan Jakovic, Brandon McDonald, and Chris Korb behind them in defense. Bill Hamid will start in goal.

Prediction: I'm not that confident in this match, except for the fact that United really needs to win it. But I reckon they won't. I'm predicting another 1-1 draw.

What are you drinking? Nothing has changed since Sunday. I'm drinking water.

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