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Azteca Friendly GameThread: USA Vs. Mexico

No Brek! Our goal is THAT way!
No Brek! Our goal is THAT way!

Everyone has said that this is a terrible time to play a friendly, especially in a place that the USMNT has never won, and especially with the team that Juergen Klinsmann brought. But despite the cries of some, this game is here and I am kind of excited for it. No, not for the probable drubbing that the US will take at the hands of Mexico, but to see what individual players can do. I am hoping that one or two players who are not yet USMNT regulars steps up and has a game that launches them into the regular squad.

Well, really I was hoping that player would been Chris Pontius, but that's another story. Regardless, come, stay awhile, let us know what you're drinking (and how much), and chat with your fellow B&RU compatriots.

Game time: Bizarrely, its advertised as at 7pm central time on US Soccer's website, but for most of us that means 7pm in the Correct Time Zone.

TV/Streaming: Unlike the last time we saw the USMNT, this game is available on ESPN2 and

Project Starting Lineup: HAH! But if I had to go with something, I would say Howard; Besler, Edu, Cameron, Johnson; Williams, Jones, Torres; Donovan, Boyd, Gomez. But really, anything is possible.

Prediction: I'm going to go out on a limb and say 3-1 Mexico, which would be a moral victory for this friendly.

What are you drinking? I'll let you know when I get to Gus', on Broad Street in RVA!