What's on your stadium wishlist?

Now that the Greek god of thunder is bringing a hammerful of cash to DC United, it's hard to not start dreaming of that glistening new stadium we've been waiting for. A new home certainly looks like priority number one for Thohir & Co. Kevin Payne confirmed that it will be a topic of conversation at tomorrow's press conference.

“I can assure you we are not announcing a stadium tomorrow,” Payne said. “There is going to be a lot of [talk] about the stadium tomorrow as part of the [ownership] announcement. Nothing specific but just in the terms” of the future with new investment.

So as long as we're talking about the arena-to-be, I was wondering: What's on everyone's wishlist for the new stadium?

Personally, I want the new digs to keep one defining feature of RFK: the bouncing stands. There's got to be some way to engineer this. It's become such an iconic trait of DC United supporters groups, I feel like we can't abandon it now. Hell, why not put the entire stadium on shock absorbers, field and all. Let's see Beckham bend in a free kick while caught in the middle of RFK 2: The Fortress of Bouncitude (name not finalized).

My other dream feature is for the new stadium to look monumental. Those other teams can have their fancy, pointy, futuristic spaceship arenas. I want to go in the opposite direction. I want a Parthenon in Southeast DC with a soccer field in the middle of it. It would be unique among MLS stadiums while blending in with the rest of the monuments and federal buildings around the district.

So that's mine. What does your dream stadium look like?