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The Contest Continues: Win Tickets To See D.C. United Vs. Paris Saint-Germain

All this week, we're giving away tickets to the D.C. United match against Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday at 7:30 PM at RFK Stadium. We've handed out two pairs of tickets already, and we have two more pairs that you just might be lucky enough to win. Actually, luck doesn't have a whole lot to do with it. You'll need a bit of skill to win this competition. And maybe a good memory.

The contest is brought to you by Allstate (a major MLS sponsor), and it's been taking place on the Black And Red United facebook page. To recap, we had this animated of Devon McTavish yesterday, and this image of Bryan Namoff on Monday.

Tonight's will be the hardest yet.

You can enter by going to the facebook page, hitting the Like button, then naming the current or former United player referenced in the image. Tonight's image is up on the facebook page now, but since you can only submit one guess, I recommend that you might want to discuss it here with fellow fans before submitting your guess. There are several hints in the image, but none of them are easy.

Of course if you don't win, you should still go to the game. And if you go to the game, you should be sure to visit the Allstate Fan Zone, which I'm told includes a goalie dive game, where fans get a photo of them making a diving save onto a padded mat. If I was a lame pitch man, I'd say that that's fun for the whole family!!! (And I'd be sure to substitute a few additional exclamation points for actual marketing.)