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Ryan Nelsen doesn't seem to be coming back to D.C. United (and other news)

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Unfortunately for D.C. United fans, it does not seem as though former captain Ryan Nelsen will be returning to the States this year. Although some tabloids have had him considering a return, his agent has told the always reliable Greg Seltzer that a move to MLS has not been discussed and that Nelsen will be in England next year. Even though it would be great to have him back, United already have three center backs making over $200,000 and I don't know if the capital required to bring him back is at the hands of United's ownership at the moment.

We have often talked here about rumored Honduran signings, without anything coming from them. However, according to a Honduran newspaper, previously rumored possibility Arnold Peralta is still interested in getting a trial with D.C. United. However, his team only wants to let him go if he actually has a chance of signing with the team, and not if he is just going to train for a week. This seems to be on the low end of the possibility scale, but it is a rumor that keeps bubbling back up to the surface. Also in that article is rumors that Wilmer Crisanto is attempting a move to Europe, perhaps Norway, without a mention of United.

Apparently Sigi Schmidt thinks that the US Open Cup is rigged against the Seattle Sounders and for D.C. United and Sporting Kansas City.

From the ivory tower of academia comes news that researchers at George Mason University are studying the supporters culture of D.C. United. Other research into sports at GMU includes "the history of songs that are sung at Argentinian soccer games" and "how sports influenced the opinions of political revolutionaries."

According to the Gofffather, Kenny Mansally has been released from his trial without being offered a contract.

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