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United States Vs. Canada - Who Will You Be Rooting For?

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Dear Americans, please don't injure Dwayne De Rosario
Dear Americans, please don't injure Dwayne De Rosario

You don't have to be much a nationalist to support your country in a sports tournament. Unlike sports leagues where some fans will choose random teams to support without reason, (Tens of thousands of Dallas Cowboy fans living in the D.C. area have never visited Texas. My coworker is one of them. He told me he started rooting for them when he was a kid because he liked the stars on their helmets, not because they kept winning Super Bowls. See, without reason.) no one roots against his own home county.

So why then are we asking the question in the headline? The United States and Canada will play a friendly tonight in Toronto, and I'm actually not sure who I'll wind up supporting. Why? Because I'm a club over country type of guy. Because no D.C. United players are members of the U.S. team at this time, and because I'm going to have a really hard time rooting against Dwayne De Rosario and Dejan Jakovic.

The two northernmost nations in CONCACAF will face each other tonight at 7:00 PM at BMO Field. The match will be televised on NBC Sports Network.

Tonight's match is the final tuneup for both teams before the start of the third round of Qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. The U.S. will begin its campaign on Friday against Antigua in Tampa Bay before traveling to Guatemala Tuesday June 12 for possibly the Americans' most difficult match of this portion of the tournament. Canada will start on the road against Cuba before returning home for a visit from Honduras.

Since it is just a friendly though, I'll find myself rooting for both teams. I'll be rooting for an entertaining match with no hard feelings and certainly no injuries. Who will you be rooting for?

Regardless, feel free to use the comments section below as a semi-GameThread to discuss the match with other United fans.