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D.C. United Player Of The Month: April 2012

Emiliano Dudar was a big reason for United's success in April
Emiliano Dudar was a big reason for United's success in April

We introduced a brand new feature here two months ago, and then we immediately accidentally killed it. I just forgot. Straight up. Sorry!

And so today we attempt to right the wrong by bringing back the D.C. United Player of the Month award. We'll give you the chance to vote for the winner for the just-concluded month of May within the next few days, but for now, its time to settle some outstanding business. For now, its time to name the winner of the award for April.

Look back at the month of April and you see a record of 3-0-2 for United. The team didn't lose a single match that month, and gave up only five goals in five matches. Its no coincidence that the D.C. winning streak that consumed the entire month of April actually started two weeks earlier in March when a certain United player was given his first start. Emiliano Dudar was a huge part of that winning streak, and he's our player of the month.

Dudar's anticipation on defense is virtually unmatched in MLS. With him, we knew we were getting a tall veteran who has had success in other comparable leagues in the past. We had no idea he would be this good this soon though. Dudar is great at shutting down attacks before they can become dangerous, and distributes well too. That's not all he can do though. When he's on the field, Dudar is the leader of the back line for United. He communicates so well that he makes everyone around him better.

Our Dudar, who art in rehab, hallowed be thy hamstring.

We already stated that Dudar's inclusion in the starting lineup leading to a winning streak wasn't coincidental. Well it wasn't coincidental either that that winning streak ended when Dudar suffered an injury. The first match United would play without Dudar saw the team give up five goals to the San Jose Earthquakes, further emphasizing the impact that the Argentine veteran has on the D.C. defense.

Dudar didn't play a single game in May, so he won't be eligible for the Player Of The Month voting, but there's no doubt that he's one of the most important members of this team.