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Branko Boskovic Contract Talks, Ryan Nelsen Stays in England, and Peter Nowak is Cheap

Soon we can put the saga of Boskovic behind us, regardless of its outcome.
Soon we can put the saga of Boskovic behind us, regardless of its outcome.

We are back, once again, for a late night edition of the links roundup. Our first story is one that everyone has expected, but has finally started: D.C. United has opened contract talks with our very own Bodkin, Branko Boskovic. Dave Kasper says that their goal is to keep Boskovic and his agent says that he hopes to have a resolution in the next seven to ten days. I'm in favor of keeping Boskovic, even at his current price, for at the very least the balance of the season. However, I really hope a longer term deal can be worked out, perhaps a year and a half long contract. Also, it will be finally nice not to have to talk about his contract status any longer; but for old times sake, vote in the poll about his future!

In longshot/pipedream player news, Ryan Nelsen has officially signed a contract with Queens Park Rangers, keeping him in the Premier League for at least the next year. He was always a longshot to return to United and I doubt they ever had any meaningful conversations with his agent, but its always fun to dream. I would always welcome him back as an assistant coach, but this probably closes the door on any (tiny) chances of a return as a player. Maybe he can bring Joey Barton to D.C. United? (I kid, I kid)

Finally, a Polish news outlet is linking Peter Nowak with the open Polish national team job, now that they are out of the Euros and he is out of a job. Apparently a former associate of Nowak's is now a high ranking official in the Polish soccer federation, so perhaps it isn't as far fetched as it would seem on the face. Also noted in the article is the likelihood that Nowak would be cheaper than the other options (that would likely be true). However, the article does list three other candidates for the job as well.

Any other D.C. United news out there that you've seen? Did any of you go to the golf tournament today? Feel free to sound off in the comments, and don't forget to vote!