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Favorite Sports Highlight: Dwayne De Rosario Scores Against New York Red Bulls

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Dwayne De Rosario currently boasts 98 goals in his MLS career. That puts him two goals away from an important milestone - a milestone that only six other players have ever accomplished. Its a milestone that he very well may accomplish this Sunday against the New York Red Bulls.

After all, it wouldn't be the first time that he's scored multiple goals against a former team. And it wouldn't be the first time he's scored against the Red Bulls either.

So when each SB Nation MLS blog manager was asked to write about a favorite sports highlight, one recent memory jumped out at me. Just days after D.C. United completed the trade that would bring De Rosario to D.C. in exchange for Dax McCarty, DeRo was quick to the answer the question of which team was the trade's victor. United won that trade, and then won that game. Thanks of course to De Rosario.

If De Rosario scores two goals for United on Sunday though, there won't be a major celebration of the milestone. Because according to Kristian Dyer of, the Red Bulls have reportedly turned down MLS's request to honor De Rosario for hitting the 100-goal mark.

I wouldn't blame you for laughing at this new development. It does seem like sour grapes for the Red Bulls to deny the celebration of an important event happening on their turf. But you can understand why they wouldn't want an extended celebration to happen on their watch. Especially when De Rosario could have easily still been wearing a New York jersey right now if they'd had any sense to them.

Of course rather than just denying the request, the Red Bulls could just deny De Rosario from scoring. Nah. Doubtful.

I look at this story in a different light though. I find it hilarious that this is a story at all. There was no mention of MLS making any such request when United went to Philadelphia on Saturday, and yet De Rosario had 98 goals heading into that game too. The request, and subsequent denial, were only leaked to the media this time around because its New York. And its D.C. The fact that the request was made at all seems to imply that MLS actually expects De Rosario to score at least two goals on Sunday.

Even MLS is trolling the Red Bulls.

The video above of De Rosario beating McCarty for a goal last year is my favorite sports highlight. What's yours?