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DeRo in Cuba, broadcast rights, and a bunch of hooey

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The Links Roundup would be remiss if we didn't check in with our neighbors to the north and see how their World Cup qualifying was going, especially since Dwayne De Rosario is a key part of that team. Canada beat Cuba 1-0 in a match played in Cuba, despite their keeper being sent off for handling the ball outside of the box. De Rosario didn't score, but he had multiple chances and was dangerous throughout. I'm rooting for Canada to qualify, even though it will mean DeRo will be away from the team more, since I want to see what he can do in a World Cup.

A Sports Illustrated fan blog has a completely unsourced rumor that D.C. United brought in a prominent South American agent to talk, apparently about bringing one of his clients to the team (the writer claims to know that he stayed at the Four Seasons, and so he must be important). Obviously this is a bunch of hooey, but I wanted to show you all the kinds of things I sift through to get you quality rumors. Although, I would rather have to sift through a ton of rumors that have MLS not even rate this ridiculousness.

Everyone's favorite potential buyer, Erick Thohir, has bought the Indonesian rights to broadcast the 2014 World Cup and expects to make over $100 million for it.

I only mention this since it was my first embargoed press release (so I guess I'm giving them what they want), but apparently D.C. United is pairing with Korrio, a Seattle based startup, to be the "automation platform provider of choice for all Academy and camp programs." What does that mean? The press release is glad you asked. "Korrio’s Playflow will manage internal aspects of registration, roster creation, communications, scheduling and social media for athletes in D.C. United’s Academy and Pre-Academy programs, as well as for the club’s camp program." All I know is that this better not be a Sounders implant to steal our precious bodily fluids.

Feel free to sound off on any and all topics related to D.C. United. Are you as glad as I am that MLS play will soon resume?