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Filibuster Podcast Episode 8: Shrouded in Glory

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

On an all new Filibuster - The Black and Red United Podcast, the guys are back and shrouded with glory, even if the team on the field lost their most recent US Open Cup match to the Philadelphia Union. They break down that loss, which seems to have featured an apathy virus spread across the team, including to players you wouldn't normally think it would hit. The team then analyzes the US Men's National Team's match against Antigua and Barbuda, hitting both the ups (Michael Bradley) and the downs (Goochpocalypse). Finally, the guys talk to Scott Kessler of the Brotherly Game in anticipation of the rematch in league play with the Union. Even though they won the most recent match, Kessler has some honest words for his team and especially for Peter Nowak.

Did you know that our own blogfather Martin Shatzer made a bet with Scott Kessler that could find pro-Union content in this very blog? You won't want to miss this episode of Filibuster with all this, and more!

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