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Filibuster Podcast Episode 3: Dismantling Dallas, Discussing the Tactics of Midfield Shape


I have to say, it's a lot more fun to talk about a win than a loss.

And that's what we got to do this weekend, as we got together to record Episode 3 of Filibuster - the Black & Red United Podcast, which is now ready for download straight into your brains (or at least your computers and iPods, if you haven't gotten the podcast brain implant yet).

Join us as we break down D.C. United's win over FC Dallas and go deep into the different midfield shapes that Benny Olsen has used in his 4-4-2 this year. We'll also go on-location to the D.C. locker room after the game to hear from some players, and we'll look ahead to next weekend's game against Seattle and eventually playing a few teams from our own conference.

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Hope you enjoy it!

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