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POLL: Vote For Your Favorite D.C. United Goal Vs. FC Dallas

The last time D.C. United won a game was Sep. 24, 2011. The score, oddly enough, was 4-1, the same score as Friday night.

In that game, United beat one of the best teams in the Western Conference at home at RFK Stadium. But that's where the similarities.

The win over Real Salt Lake last season was the result of Dwayne De Rosario giving a brilliant performance - one of the best single-game performances in MLS history, by all accounts. De Ro scored three goals and assisted on a fourth.

Similarly, two weeks prior, United beat Chivas USA by three goals on the road. That game featured Chris Pontius playing at an elite level and combining perfectly with Charlie Davies as United took advantage of an undermanned opponent.

Friday night's 4-1 win over FC Dallas was different though. Sure, there were some great individual performances, but overall that was clearly a team victory.

The RSL win last year wasn't something that could be easily duplicated. De Rosario was having a great season, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to do that every week. No one could. And the Chivas win was a result of good circumstances that we couldn't expect every week either.

The win over Dallas was different. There's no indication that that team performance can't be duplicated. That's what's got us all excited. That's what has us believing.

But just like we did last year after the last 4-1 win, let's talk about the goals. Maicon Santos had two, while Nick DeLeon and Danny Cruz had one each. Watch the highlights in the video above, then vote below for your favorite, and tell us why in the comments.