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D.C. United Roster Chart For 2012

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Courtesy of loyal reader Stunned Duck, we have the second annual installment of the D.C. United roster chart, in PDF format.

Read it. Download it. Study it. Print it. Bring it with you to the game on Saturday. Show it to your friends. Impress the hell out of them. Spill beer on it accidentally. Print another copy.

DCU 2012

In reviewing this chart, a few things jump out at you. First of all, look at the reserves. All of the team's deeper depth is concentrated in the center of midfield. I guess that shouldn't really be surprising for a team coached by Ben Olsen. The good news though is that Lance Rozeboom, fresh off his contract signing today, can play in other areas of the field. He enjoyed some preseason success playing higher up the field, and also saw time in defense.

Secondly, it's clear that United still doesn't have the requisite depth that we'd like to see in the back. We're two injuries/suspensions away from scrambling to fill either the LB or RB spot, possibly by moving Perry Kitchen out of position, which would really limit our tactical ability.

Lastly though, this team is awesome. Josh Wolff, Maicon Santos, and Danny Cruz are on our bench. Let that sink in for a sec.