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Filibuster Podcast Episode 2: Live Un-Commentary of L.A. Galaxy-D.C. United


To paraphrase Martin: Well that sucked.

At least the play on the field did. Luckily, your four humble writers were all gathered at AMT Studios with a microphone, a laptop and several beers (which, of course, ended up being more necessary than we initially realized) to record the second episode of Filibuster - the Black & Red United Podcast while watching the game. We got some positive feedback while we were recording, and we really hope you'll like it, even if it might be a little bit painful to relive some of the specific moments of the game.

Just so there's no confusion, this podcast doesn't contain play-by-play or after-the-fact analysis of the game - it was more us recording a podcast during the game and giving our real-time thoughts on the unfortunate proceedings at the HDC. That said, if you have the game on DVR or you have an MLS Live account, you might get a little extra enjoyment (read: self-inflicted emotional pain) if you cue up the game and watch it while you listen.

At any rate, and without too much further ado, here's our brand spanking new player - complete with both of our episodes to date, for those of you who missed Episode 1 two weeks ago or who feel like listening back over it. (By the by, our theme music is "Pocket" by Beau Finley, used with permission.)

And if you really love us and want us to pop up in your feed automatically, here's the shiny new RSS feed - our iTunes link is currently awaiting approval from our Apple overlords and should be sorted out by Episode 3. UPDATE: We're on iTunes! Link. Look at us, growing up so fast.

Let us hear it in the comments or on Twitter, @FilibusterDCU. Please to enjoy.