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Week 2 MLS Highlights, Results, & One-Liners

Early proof that Blas Perez is a toolbag
Early proof that Blas Perez is a toolbag

Montreal Impact 1, Chicago Fire 1. I don't know what was more fun to watch in this game: the crowd of more than 50,000 fans on hand to watch the debut of the Impact, or Ben Massey's reaction on Twitter to the Impact prioritizing the flag of Quebec over the flag of Canada. It was nice to see the fans in Montreal have the opportunity to celebrate a goal and a lead, but Dominic Oduro ultimately picked up where he left off in 2011.

Houston Dynamo 1, San Jose Earthquakes 0. Luck might have something to do with it as Houston started out with two matches against some of the weaker teams in the Western Conference, but the Dynamo are 2-0 after two strong defensive efforts. Tally Hall is pretty much single-handedly keeping my MLS fantasy team out of last place.

Sporting Kansas City 3, New England Revolution 0. A tough tough red card to Stephen McCarthy early in the match left the Revs hapless. Graham Zusi scoring from the fetal position and some great celebrations further cement the Sporks as the most entertaining team in the Eastern Conference. I don't feel so bad losing to them anymore.

FC Dallas 1, Portland Timbers 1. I really liked this Dallas team. But then Blas Perez pulled the total toolbag move of pointing to the name on the back of his jersey after scoring. Yeah its all about you, even though you wouldn't have even had a chance at a shot if you were playing against pre-Norway Troy Perkins instead of post-Norway Troy Perkins.

Real Salt Lake 2, New York Red Bulls 0. Juan Agudelo and Kenny Cooper BOTH on the bench? Dax McCarty at the top of a 4-5-1? No one had ever thought of doing that before! I freakin love Hans Backe! Perhaps that's why you can count the number of good chances the Red Bulls had in the first half on no hands.

Vancouver Whitecaps 1, Chivas USA 0. Casey Townsend is awesome. So awesome that he managed to injure goalkeeper Joe Cannon with a shot from outside the box. Unfortunately that was the lone highlight for the Chivas as they lost 1-0 again at the very end of the match.

Seattle 3, Toronto FC 1. Its not incredibly weird seeing Marc Burch and Milos Kocic on the rosters of other MLS teams. But it is weird to see them starting. But the Sounders sure did bounce back from their CCL loss. Hopefully we won't be saying the same thing about the LA Galaxy later tonight.