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D.C. United Parts Ways With Guilherme, Won't Be Addressing Need For Left Back Depth

Even though the team was supposedly required to be roster compliant today, D.C. United made only one roster move. And that was releasing 20-year old Brazilian trialist Guilherme. The young left back apparently did not do enough to impress Ben Olsen and the rest of the coaching staff, even though he'd received some positive reviews from the media who had observed his training sessions. Of course its also possible that United did actually want to sign Guilherme, but was unable to do so for any number of legitimate reasons.

Although there are still some roster spots to be decided (today was supposed to be the deadline, as noted by Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner), the left back position will apparently not be one of the positions affected. Daniel Woolard will remain the starter, and Chris Korb will remain the backup at both left and right outside defense.

The decision not to sign Guilherme leaves us with one box unchecked this offseason. Only one box though. In previous years, we entered the regular season with several holes. Several unchecked boxes. But this year we filled all of our needs, except one. We added two strikers who are scoring threats in Hamdi Salihi and Maicon Santos, depth all over the midfield (Nick DeLeon, Danny Cruz, Marcelo Saragosa), and even upgraded at right back with Robbie Russell.

Only one position remains to be filled, and it sure looks like it won't be filled this offseason.

United still has roster decisions to make on trialists Lance Rozeboom, Ryan Richter, and Seth C'deBaca. But none of them play left back.

Oh well. I guess its hard to complain too hard when the entire rest of the lineup is so freakin awesome.