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Honduran National Team Coach to meet with Olsen about Andy Najar

Honduran coach to meet with Olsen about Andy Najar

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The continuing saga of Andy Najar's international career presses onward, with a Honduran newspaper reporting that Honduran national team coach Luis Fernando Suarez has traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with Ben Olsen and other club officials about Najar's participation in the Olympics. Hopefully this is not a sign that there are tensions between the two sides, but that Suarez wants to work out details for Najar's international career beyond just these upcoming matches. Keeping a key player's club happy is always the goal of an international coach, but United will also be striving to keep Najar happy as well. If they don't, Andy may soon be trying to go to a club that will.

The newspaper report suggests that Najar would only miss the games that occur during the tournament, which would be against the Vancouver Whitecaps and FC Dallas. This seems to contradict what Suarez has said previously, and what we recently polled, when he wanted his players into camp two weeks prior to the start of qualifiers. It is most likely the newspaper stating only the facts that they currently know, but perhaps they have heard that Suarez is willing to compromise a little more to make sure that Najar gets into his camp.

As a selfish United fan, I want Honduras to lose during qualification so that Andy is available to the team for the maximum amount of games. However, there is another part of me that wants Honduras and the United States to qualify together, because that means that Mexico will not have made it. Regardless, we all hope Andy shines and begins to show the rest of the world what we already know: that Najar is an exciting young player that can compete at the highest level.