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D.C. United Will Be The Only Local Sports Franchise To Make The Playoffs In 2012

The reigning MLS MVP is poised to make 2012 a special year for D.C. United
The reigning MLS MVP is poised to make 2012 a special year for D.C. United

For those living outside the area, you might not realize that there's a crisis going on right now in D.C.

The crisis is that the one reliably good sports franchise in the District has suddenly fallen apart. This city hasn't seen a championship team in one of the four major sports in over 20 years now. Our one hope to end that was the Washington Capitals, who now happen to sit in third place in the Southeast division, and are watching their playoff chances disappear rapidly. The Caps have been outscored 10-2 in their past two games. And yet they're still the most successful of the big four teams in D.C.

The Redskins have been held back by a seriously flawed roster and incompetent management. The Nationals are still years away from competing in a tough division. And the Wizards' only chance for success involves luck and a whole lot of ping pong balls.

There's another team in D.C. though. It's a team that is likely to make the playoffs in 2012. It's a team that has won a championship within the last decade, and will win more championships within the next decade. Mark my words. D.C. United WILL be winning championships again soon.

Will you be along for the ride?

This year could be a special one for United. The team has the reigning MLS MVP and Golden Boot winner Dwayne De Rosario under contract, and he's not even the most competent goal scorer on the team anymore. That would be newly acquired Albanian striker Hamdi Salihi. United also has the future starting goalkeeper of the U.S. National Team in Bill Hamid, and several more young studs who could erupt this season. Andy Najar, Chris Pontius, and Perry Kitchen are all poised to be among the best players in the league at their respective positions.

This team will return to the playoffs in 2012, making United the only team in the area to do so. I'd hate to see the population of the greater D.C. area miss out by not giving United its full support.

D.C. sports fans who have been feeling lost, forgotten, forlorn - join us. You won't regret it.