Required Viewing: The 1996 MLS Cup Final


If you weren't a United fan back in the day but are one now, you should watch this all the way through. If you were a fan, you should still watch this all the way through. Don't waste your Saturday morning on the FA Cup or your family! Sure, there are awesome things here, like DC's glorious comeback from 2-0 down to win in overtime, or Marco Etcheverry being Marco Etcheverry, or the most well-known goal celebration in MLS history. There are also some less notable but still worthwhile moments, such as: - Seeing Bob Bradley with hair peeking out underneath his hat - A game in which the goalkeepers on the day wore #2 and #9, respectively - Visible football lines during MLS's showcase event - Arguably the only legitimately good MLS referee ever, Esse Baharmast - The horror of Nike's 1996 MLS uniforms, represented here by LA's black/teal/yellow-orange/red/white monstrosity.

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