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Stephen King no longer on Re-Entry Draft list; Santos and Chabala remain

The Standard seems to have signed or is about to sign a new contract with D.C. United, while Maicon Santos and Mike Chabala seem to be on their way out.

Has The Standard signed a new deal?
Has The Standard signed a new deal?

The final list of players available in stage one of the Re-Entry Process has been finalized and it includes two D.C. United players: Maicon Santos and Mike Chabala. Chabala was a slam dunk to be on this list after being beat out by Chris Korb and Andy Najar for the fullback spots and Santos' streakiness continued, turning ice cold after a torrid start to the season. Making $106k this year, it seemed unlikely that United would be able to get him for much less.

But Stephen King, on the original list of players eligible for the Re-Entry Process, is no longer there. That can mean one of a few things: he is about to sign a new deal with D.C. United, he is going to sign a deal with a team outside of MLS, or he is going to retire. King made $65k last year and is solid depth at that price point or if they resigned him for somewhat less. He also seems to be a great person to have in the clubhouse, having won the team award for Humanitarian of the Year. That said, he could also be retiring or be about to sign a deal with a different league.

There is only one target on our list that has removed himself from the process: Tony Tchani. While he would be a good competitor to Marcelo Saragosa, I still think that Conor Shanosky can be that player as well. Regardless, Twitter will be the place to follow stage one of the Re-Entry Process, which begins tomorrow at 3pm.