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Filibuster Podcast Episode 15: Offseason Now! Breaking down MLS roster moves since MLS Cup and taking stock of D.C. United's roster

In which Martin goes trophy-shopping and shows up late (again).

The Major League Soccer offseason is well and truly upon us, as players have ceased to be strictly permanent objects and have fallen into a Schrodinger-esque quantum state, only existing in a particular place when observed (and elsewise existing in all places at all times). Such is life under MLS roster rules.

But that won't deter us hearty podcasters. We've got another good episode for you this week, running through the various player movements since MLS Cup before taking a deep dive into D.C. United's own roster to figure out where we could - and where we should - see movement between now and First Kick on March 2, 79 days from right now.

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