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Rumor Roundup: Re-Entry Draft, Indonesian Tour, Fluminense, Andik, and More!

While there are no hot new rumors to report, there are rumblings about the Re-Entry Draft, an Indonesian tour, a friendly with Fluminense, and more!

WIll Robbie Russell be gone in the Re-Entry Draft? I doubt it.
WIll Robbie Russell be gone in the Re-Entry Draft? I doubt it.
Jeff Zelevansky

Unfortunately, there are no big new rumors that have popped up over the last few days, such as the identity of those players that Ben Olsen, Kurt Morsink, Dave Kasper, and company are scouting in Argentina. However, I do have some updates and clarifications on some recent rumors, some of which look to be happening and some of which are fading away.

  • Steve Goff is hearing that Robbie Russell, Maicon Santos, Stephen King, and Mike Chabala are among the D.C. United players who he is hearing are eligible for the Re-Entry draft. I would be rather surprised in Robbie Russell actually ended up leaving D.C. United, considering his family situation and his worth down the stretch. I imagine it will be like Kurt Morsink's situation last year, where he was announced on the initial list be signed a new deal with the team prior to the draft. When that list drops, we'll have more in-depth analysis.
  • The Vice Governor of the West Java province in Indonesia is now among the growing chorus who says that D.C. United will be playing matches there in the near future. It seems as though it would be similar to the Indonesian tour taken by the LA Galaxy last year, also organized by Erick Thohir; we will stay on the lookout for any news of other stops on this possible tour.
  • Speaking of friendlies, the match with Fluminense that is supposed to happen during next summer's Confederations Cup keeps looking more and more likely. The team president has given an interview to Camarote FC, a television show in Brazil, in which he says that they are close to a deal to bring the team to Orlando and Washington between the 15th and the 24th of June. While I may not particularly like summer friendlies, they are going to happen regardless and Fluminense is a different kind of team than those typically sought.
  • In other Indonesian news, it looks as though Andik Vermasyah will not be among the three players who are rumored to join the D.C. United U-23 team. Erick Thohir told the Indonesian press that while D.C. United wanted him, he would not have been able to play for their National Team if he did. We shall see if this still means that other players will come and join the U-23 team.
  • From the Formerly Rumors Department, Panamanian winger Yairo Yau has told an Australian newspaper that he had an offer to join D.C. United this past summer but instead chose to go to Sydney FC. His reasons were apparently that he appreciated the Australian way of life and thinks that the A-League is a better stepping stone to Europe. The first point I can understand, but the second seems highly dubious. He is only on loan in the A-League, so perhaps a move could be in the works for this coming summer, should the team still want him.
  • And while this isn't a rumor, I wanted everyone to see the results of Metro Playoff Failure. Call it a serving of Metrofreude.