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D.C. United & Black And Red United Are Both Transitioning To The Offseason

Just because the season is over doesn't mean this site will be slowing down. Prepare for lots of new content on Black And Red United.

Patrick McDermott

The 2012-13 offseason is underway for D.C. United, just two weeks sooner than we would have liked to see it begin. But as the season gets farther behind us in the rear view mirror, we're able to put it in perspective just a bit more every day. We can now see that, short of winning any trophies, the 2012 season was about as good as it could have been for United. And that 2013 might just be even better.

Just like D.C. United, we here at Black And Red United are now transitioning into offseason mode. Our work doesn't stop. If you've enjoyed reading our analysis on the matches during the season, then you're sure to enjoy our analysis after it as well. And we've enjoyed providing it for you. This season was a hell of a ride, and we're proud to have played even just a small part of it.

I'm personally coming back from a four-day break from blogging, a break that included lots of turkey, time with family, and a brief but rare kid-free vacation to New York that reminded me of all the reasons why D.C. is the greatest city in the world and New York isn't (rude waitresses, double-digit tolls just to get on the damn island, cab drivers that honk at you when you're just minding your own business on the sidewalk because God forbid you choose to walk a few blocks while pulling your luggage rather than pay them for a ride). I'm refreshed and ready for the offseason. Are you?

We'll have lots of new content coming at you in the coming weeks, with a look back at 2012 with the return of the player approval ratings and Benny Awards, and a new feature called What If, and also a look forward to 2013 with rumors, projections, conjectures, and analysis about who United should be adding to the roster, and how.

Please feel free to let us know if there's anything specific you'd like to see us cover in the near future. And thanks for making this a great season. Hopefully next season will last just a few weeks longer.