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D.C. United Likely To Be Quiet In Today's MLS Waiver Draft

There are some big names eligible for the waiver draft today, but don't expect any of them to wind up on D.C. United's roster.

Ned Dishman

In a new and unexpected yet not altogether surprising development, the MLS offseason is actually starting before the 2012 season ends. The league will be conducting a waiver draft today where teams will be able to select players that were released by other teams this week. This is just the first of a record 81 drafts that will be held in MLS this offseason.

With its season ending just yesterday, D.C. United has not yet released any players. In fact, none of the teams involved in the Conference Semifinals yesterday will have players eligible for today’s waiver draft.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of familiar names in the list of available players. Former United forward Blake Brettschneider was released today by the New England Revolution and is available for selection. Jan Gunnar Solli and Teemu Tainio of the New York Red Bulls are among the biggest names of eligible players, while some young and promising prospects like Cole Grossman of the Columbus Crew could be selected as well. The full list of players available can be found on

The waiver draft will take place at 3:30 PM today, but I wouldn’t expect D.C. United to be very active. The team will need to spend some time evaluating the players currently on the roster before making major decisions about potential acquisitions for 2013. But I’ve been surprised before.