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Jack Evans on the D.C. United Stadium Situation

Final negotiations are at hand said a D.C. Councilman; could a stadium "framework" come by the end of the year?

Jack Evans, the District of Columbia Councilman for Ward 2, went on the Kojo Nnamdi Show this afternoon to talk about a number of different topics; one of those topics was the status of D.C. United's quest to build its own stadium in the District. In Evans' own words, the team and the city are in "final negotiations" of the proposal, in which United would pay for the stadium and the District would pay for the infrastructure changes needed by the stadium. Evans also mentioned that the stadium would be around 20,000 to 25,000 seats.

Right after the show, Evans did walk his comments back somewhat, telling the Washington Post that the District and United hope to have a "stadium framework" in place by the end of the year. In a statement, team president Kevin Payne said that "We appreciate Councilman Evans’ unswerving support and are continuing what we hope will be fruitful discussions with the District.” What I bet he is thinking? "Don't jinx this for us!"

Also coming out around the same time is the rumor that, while D.C. United will build the stadium with their own money, the team wants to keep some of the tax revenue from events there. That would obviously have to be negotiated with the District. The mood on Twitter, as always happens around stadium rumors, was a mix of cynical and hopeful. I'm the eternal optimist, the Charlie Brown; where do you fall?