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D.C. United Salary Information: Raphael Augusto's Salary Revealed

Which MLS team spends the most on its players? Which team spends the least? And where does D.C. United stand relative to the rest of the league?

Ned Dishman - Getty Images

The latest round of MLS player salaries have been revealed by the Player's Union.

D.C. United has made very few changes since the last update. The only newcomer to the league on United's payroll is Brazilian midfielder Raphael Augusto, who is making a paltry $44,000 while on loan this season. Sounds like a pretty fair deal for a young foreign player with plenty of potential.

Long Tan and Mike Chabala were also added to United's roster since we last reviewed player salaries. Tan is also making $44,000 a year, which is a very good price for a contributor. But Chabala's $83,333 guaranteed salary is way too high for a player who wasn't even able to get on the field when both of United's starting outside backs went down to injury.

Overall, United is paying out a total of $4,050,726 in salary, placing United in 10th of 19 teams when it comes to spending. That's right in the middle of the pack. On the other hand, none of us should be surprised that the New York Red Bulls and LA Galaxy have the two highest payrolls in the league.

Perhaps the most interesting sum though is the number $3,174,895. That's the total payroll of the San Jose Earthquakes - the team that happens to be the favorite to win the Supporter's Shield this season, and also the second lowest payroll in the league. Only the New England Revolution spend less on their players than the Earthquakes. That's value right there.