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Calling All Fans: Save Money on D.C. United Gear, Head to RFK on Saturday

On Saturday night, head to RFK and wear your D.C. United gear as the team takes on the Columbus Crew with a playoff spot on the line. Here's how to save some money getting the gear.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

As the last home game of the season approaches for D.C. United, it is time for fans to get ready to turn out and be counted among those at RFK Stadium cheering the Black-and-Red to their first playoff appearance in five years. Fortunately, D.C. United has put themselves in a great position down the stretch to secure that playoff spot.

And what better to way to show your support when United takes on the Columbus Crew than to be in the stands at RFK wearing your team gear. To help get you ready, here are some ways to save some money on D.C. United gear.

1. Attend the match against Columbus on Oct. 20 and save 30% on all merchandise. That's right, as part of Fan Appreciation Night, D.C. United will be offering a 30% discount on all items at the RFK Team Store and at the stadium kiosks. These are likely to be the best prices of the season so far, but some items may be restricted in the sizes available. So get there early to get your discounted gear, then get to your seat in time for the opening kickoff!

2. Become a Season Ticket Holder and save 15% at the RFK Stadium Team Store. Season Ticket Holders save 15% on everything they purchase at the stadium's Team Store every time they visit. If you have season tickets, or have bought them for next year, hit the Team Store during the week to take advantage of your 15% discount, because after the Fan Appreciation sale on Saturday, the pickings are likely to be slim. Note: The 15% STH discount won't apply at Saturday's game against Columbus because of the 30% discount mentioned above.

3. D.C. United's online store has discounted items available. D.C. United has a superb online store, The store has dozens upon dozens of United-themed items, from authentic team uniform items, to apparel, to household items, to jewelry. And, from my personal experience, their customer service is first-rate.

As the season has progressed this year, some items such as authentic jerseys have been lowered in price on the team's website. Authentic jerseys are particularly pricey at the start of the season costing well over $100 depending on exactly what you get, but they have come down in price now, although there are certain sizes that are no longer available.

From the team's website, here are some of the best buys to get ready for Saturday's night game taking into account the sizes available (if applicable) and the cost. As a note, orders placed at before 3:00 pm ship out the same business day, and delivery times in the D.C. metro area are typically fast.

Authentic jerseys:

- 2012 Home Long-Sleeve: All sizes available, $90


- 2012 Away Long-Sleeve: All sizes available, $90


- 2012 Home Short-Sleeve: L/XL/2XL available, $80


Replica jerseys:

- 2012 Away Short-Sleeve: All sizes available, $60


Training jerseys:

- 2012 Sleeveless: L/XL/2XL available, $25



- Sweeper Tee: S/M/L available, $20



- Static Knit Hat: One Size Fits All, $18



- Volkswagen Scarf: $20


Women's T-Shirts:

- Home Tee: L/XL, $10


Women's Headware:

- Cable Knit Hat: $18



- Veteran Watch: $24



- Car Flag: $10



- Collapsible Trash Can/Cooler: $20


All pictures courtesy of the D.C. United Team Store.

4. Join a Supporters Group and get some gear. There are lots of reasons to join one of the many D.C. United Supporters Groups, but a small one is that you can get a D.C. United-themed Supporters Group jersey or scarf. The Screaming Eagles, La Barra Brava, and La Norte all give you one of their jerseys with a full membership, while the District Ultras provide one of their scarves with a membership. The cost of the membership is modest, and essentially costs about what you would pay for the jersey or scarf in a store, and you still get all the other great benefits of membership. Lastly, the Supporters Groups also have a deal with the D.C. United Team Store to donate back 5% of anything you purchase in the Team Store (at the Stadium or online) to your Supporters Group.

5. Win a free Chris Pontius pink cleat. Enter Black and Red United's contest to win one Chris Pontius-designed and autographed adizero F50 cleat. While it won't be particularly functional for you to wear at RFK on Saturday night, it will be a great memento of this season, and it shows support for a great cause, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Unlike any other match over the last five years, this Saturday night is the time for all D.C. United fans to rise together at RFK and be counted among those cheering on the Black-and-Red. So get your tickets, get your gear, and we'll see you at the stadium!

What will you be doing at the stadium on Saturday night? How do you save money on D.C. United gear?