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Vote For The 2012 D.C. United Goal Of The Year

The 2012 season has featured lots of special moments for D.C. United. Which one will you vote for and why?

Ned Dishman - Getty Images

D.C. United has scored more goals in the 2012 season than all but three other teams in MLS. Some of them have been a bit lucky. Some have been opportunistic. But some have been very attractive. Some have been game-winners. Some have come at huge moments, or in huge games.

You can vote for your favorite Goal of the Year on, and there are some pretty darn good candidates this year:

1. The blast from Maicon Santos that kicked off our home winning streak and got us all thinking about United's potential for greatness

2. Chris Pontius picking Thierry Henry's pocket to begin a dominating performance against the New York Red Bulls

3. Hamdi Salihi finishing an amazing ball from Dwayne De Rosario that unfortunately didn't matter match in the loss to the San Jose Earthquakes

4. The 100th goal of De Rosario's career as he got his head on the end of a beautiful cross from Nick DeLeon

5. The long-awaited first goal of Branko Boskovic's MLS career, and it might have been the most important goal on this list due to the timing in the match and in the season.

Personally, I'm partial to the Santos goal because those early months of the season were just so damn fun, but that's just me. Which goal are you voting for?