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Small but hearty group of United supporters make the trek to Portland

A group of D.C. United fans made the cross-country trip to Portland for last weekend's game against the Timbers. They are heroes, and we talk about it.

Via, here's a video of a small but hearty group of Black-and-Red faithful who made the trip to JEDI-KNIGHT Field over the weekend for D.C. United's match against the Portland Timbers. If his tweets are to be believed, our own reader Vercengetorix was among them.

Let me use this space to encourage anybody who hasn't yet to join the supporters for an away game. As Vercengetorix said, the quintessential soccer fan experience is outside of your home stadium. As awesome as RFK is, if you take all the passion from our stadium and distill it down to one or two section's worth of space, you have our travelling fans. You find yourself yelling louder and being even more into the game than you are at home games - and you find yourself realizing that you didn't think that would be possible. And you'll have more fun than should be legal at a soccer game.

United have two road games left this season in addition to the game against Columbus at home, and neither is particularly close, so you're forgiven if you don't make it to Toronto or Chicago this month. So, I'll put it out there: If United play an east coast rival in the playoffs (at this point, it would just be the Metros), get on the Amtrak or one of the supporters buses (no matter which group you go with, you'll have a blast) or book a shuttle on Delta or United, and get yourself up for the away leg of the playoff tie. Thank me once you get home.