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MLS Supplemental Draft 2012 LiveThread

The 2012 MLS Supplemental Draft is today, and D.C. United possesses the 26th (second round), 45th (third round) and 64th (fourth round) selections. Considering that drafting players out of college has been the main (only?) way that United has acquired new players this offseason, I’m unnaturally excited for it.

Last year, United managed to add a solid contributor via the Supplemental Draft with the selection of forward Blake Brettschneider, who will be expected to see the field even more in 2012 given the team’s current roster. If United plays its cards right, the team might be able to add a few more key contributors today.

Simon Borg of wrote a nice primer earlier today with a list of players who could be selected early in the Supplemental Draft, including Japanese attacking prospect Kohei Yamada, young Mexican left back Gienir Garcia, and Combine standout Aldo Paniagua. Without a pick in the first round of the Supplemental Draft, these players might be off the board before United has a chance to make any selections.

We’ll be following along via the Draft Tracker on and discussing the picks here. United still has several needs, and could especially use more depth at every position. They could help satisfy some of those needs today.