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Dwayne De Rosario Hat Trick & Assist - Vote For Your Favorite

D.C. United had plenty to celebrate on Saturday night
D.C. United had plenty to celebrate on Saturday night

After scoring a hat trick, earning MLS Player Of The Week honors yet again, and approaching the top of SB Nation's MVP tracker (he got my vote), Dwayne De Rosario is rightfully nominated for the MLS Goal Of The Week Award. But the editors probably had a tough time deciding which of DeRo's three goals were worthy of being nominated. Did they make the right choice? Does it really matter?

If you care about such things, you can vote for De Rosario's goal here. But we have a different poll in mind. Because screw the biased voting that usually takes place on the league site. With DC United scoring four high-quality goals by themselves, we're going to have our very own GOTW voting.

Watch the highlights and let us know what you think.

Goal 1: De Rosario through ball is finished confidently by Andy Najar

Goal 2: Najar's cross finds De Rosario's head

Goal 3: De Rosario puts away Josh Wolff's assist with a rocket

Goal 4: De Rosario beats Nick Rimando on a free kick