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D.C. United 0, Seattle Sounders 3: Match Review

Alvaro Fernandez's goal appears to have Joe Willis in tears
Alvaro Fernandez's goal appears to have Joe Willis in tears

Well this was bound to happen eventually, I guess D.C. United couldn't stay undefeated in Seattle forever.

United failed to continue their unbelievable west coast undefeated streak tonight with a 3-0 loss to the Seattle Sounders. The better team won, and we're once again reminded of our current place in the MLS pecking order. We're better than the bad teams, but a clear step or two behind the league's elite.

Where we have one forward who can punish his opponents' mistakes, Seattle has several. Where we have young inexperienced defenders, Seattle has competent consistency. Where we have Clyde Simms, Seattle has Osvaldo Alonso. Enough said?

As much as we'd like to blame this loss on the absences of Chris Pontius and Bill Hamid, that would be too simple, and rather false. United was outmanned and outschemed. Outexecuted.

This loss feels somewhat similar to the road loss against Sporting Kansas City. It's more proof that we're not quite on that level. But we should still be worthy of at least making the MLS playoffs. United still has two games in hand against almost the entire league. One of those games in hand comes Wednesday night at home against Chivas USA. That's a winnable must-win game.

Win or bust. Playoffs or bust. Then once we make it, anything can happen.

Full recap here. Player ratings later.