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MLS Week 27 Schedule, TV Options, Predictions

We're well into the home stretch of our predictions contest, and it would take a sudden collapse or streak of incredible luck to keep Chest's liver clean of our liquor at this point. But we do have a change at the bottom.


Week 26: Readers 4, Chest 3, AMT 3, Martin 2
Overall: Chest 110, AMT 103, Readers 96, Martin 94

Wednesday September 14, 7:30 PM: Columbus Crew vs. Houston Dynamo
Martin: Clb. Chest: Tie. AMT: Clb.

Okay. I'm late posting the predictions, which is becoming an all too frequent habit. All this means that it would totally be my own fault if you all ran and checked the score to the game before voting for your "prediction". Or we could just do this on the honor system and say that you should only vote if you don't already know the score. Whatever. (Martin)

Friday September 16, 11:00 PM: Portland Timbers vs. New England Revolution, Fox Soccer
Martin: Tie. Chest: Por. AMT: Por

How did we lose 2 games to the Revs? It still keeps me up at night. (Chest)

Saturday September 17, 9:00 PM: Seattle Sounders vs. DC United, Comcast SportsNet
Martin: DC. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

The Sounders are currently the clear second-best team in MLS. But DC United has never lost in Seattle. Not even to Chelsea back before the Sounders invented soccer! (Chest)

Saturday September 17, 1:30 PM: Toronto FC vs. Colorado Rapids
Martin: Tor. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

Toronto has to be up there with Portland as the most inconsistent team in MLS. If Colorado had any confidence right now, I'd pick them to win outright, even with Toronto's drubbing of the East co-leading Crew in Columbus. But the Rapids look like a team so shaky that the other team completing a pass could break their spirit right now - I'm calling this one a draw because I'm not convinced that Toronto can successfully complete a pass after using up all their turbo boost in the Trillium Cup game last weekend. (AMT)

Saturday September 17, 4:00 PM: Chicago Fire vs. Chivas USA
Martin: Chi. Chest: Chi. AMT: Chi.

United showed the entire league how to beat Chivas without Heath Pearce. Bad news for the Goats: Dominic Oduro and Patrick Nyarko are even faster than Charlie Davies and Chris Pontius. Not as skilled, sure, but faster. This could get ugly. (Chest)

Saturday September 17, 7:30 PM: Philadelphia Union vs. Columbus Crew
Martin: Phi. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

Remember when these two teams were the class of the East? Nowak and Warzycha can discuss whether conceding 10 goals in 2 games is worse than giving up 4 goals to the Revs on any occasion. (Chest)

Saturday September 17, 8:30 PM: Houston Dynamo vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Martin: Tie. Chest: Hou. AMT: Hou.

I'm beginning to come around to the notion that the Earthquakes aren't underperforming now - they were just overperforming earlier in the year. Houston's at home in this one, so they'll know where the goals are, and I imagine they'll find the net a few times against Frank Yallop's team. (AMT)

Saturday September 17, 8:30 PM: FC Dallas vs. New York Red Bulls
Martin: Dal. Chest: Dal. AMT: Dal.

Brek Shea or no, I don't see Dallas dropping points at home to an already beaten Red Bulls side. Of course, even if he doesn't play, I'm sure Brek Shea will find a way to have an impact on the game - the question is how. My money is on his playing a latter-day Parachute Guy and landing on top of Hans Backe. (AMT)

Saturday September 17, 9:00 PM: Real Salt Lake vs. Sporting Kansas City
Martin: Tie. Chest: RSL. AMT: RSL.

Don't look now, but RSL has 3 straight 1-goal wins. The Sporks, meanwhile, play the most physically demanding style in MLS, frequently concede late goals, and they'll be at altitude. No one act surprised if KC gives up a late goal due to fatigue to lose this one. (Chest)

Saturday September 17, 10:30 PM: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Vancouver Whitecaps
Martin: LA. Chest: LA. AMT: LA.

The Galaxy failed to continue MLS's three-game undefeated streak in Mexico. They sent less than their full lineup to Morelia, so they'll be at full-strength at home against the Caps. Wait... At home against the Caps? Who cares if they're at full-strength. (Martin)