CSN Washington Adds Three August Matches To TV Schedule


I've been vocal and pointed about my criticism of DC United's TV deal and the number of non-televised games. I fully understand the reasons why this happened (RFK is a money pit, the team has been bad for 3 years, and MASN didn't compete with Comcast for local TV rights this year). Nonetheless, I have found it totally unacceptable that our TV deals have gotten worse even as soccer in all forms has grown significantly in popularity, with the Washington-Baltimore region being one of the country's hotbeds. This problem has been mitigated somewhat by CSN's vastly increased web and video coverage during the week, but nothing trumps actually showing the games. You won't see me hide from acknowledging progress from someone I've been critical of, however, so it's time to give out some praise instead of more bitching. DC United and CSN Washington announced today that three home games that were previously not going to be broadcast in any form locally - tomorrow against Toronto FC, August 13th against the Vancouver Whitecaps, and August 27th against the Portland Timbers - have all been added to CSN's broadcast schedule. Per the press release, the games have been added primarily due to the cash kindness of Volkswagen.