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MLS Rumors: Robbie Keane To LA Galaxy. So Juan Pablo Angel To D.C. United Then?

Juan Pablo Angel could be on his way out of LA
Juan Pablo Angel could be on his way out of LA

Well at least the Los Angeles Galaxy are consistent. They've gotten really good at winning during the season but losing during the playoffs, and signing expensive veteran Englishmen/Irishmen. The Galaxy have reportedly reached an agreement to sign 31-year old West Ham United forward Robbie Keane.

As if the Galaxy really needed more firepower.

The Galaxy and the New York Red Bulls both seem intent to continue the Superteam model, that has been mostly unsuccessful so far in the DP era of MLS. But at least one team has figured out how to win during the regular season. Maybe that's because the Galaxy have a Supercoach to go with their Superteam and the Red Bulls don't.

There is one problem for LA though. Or at least there's a temporary problem until MLS changes its rules again arbitrarily to make the problem go away. But for now, each MLS team has only three designated player slots. With Landon Donovan, David Beckham, and Juan Pablo Angel, the Galaxy already have three such players on their roster. With Keane's salary to be in the neighborhood of $4 Million per season, they need to unload one of them.

While I'd happily trade any player (or two) from DC United's roster for Donovan, it appears that the Galaxy will be shopping Angel to any interested taker. Should United be the team for Angel? Let's discuss.

You may think from the start that United wouldn't really even consider making a move for Angel, especially since they already had a chance to take him in the Re-Entry Draft back in December. The team picked up Joseph Ngwenya and Josh Wolff instead, but neither forward has contributed as many goals as we'd like. Of course neither has Angel. The Colombian forward has just three goals this season.

But Angel has proven his worth throughout his MLS career. He scored more goals than any other player in MLS from 2007-2010. And this is a different United team from the one that passed on Angel in RED. That team was rebuilding. This one is preparing for a playoff run. This one loves trading for established MLS veterans.

Angel probably won't be coming to D.C. though. Portland and Vancouver both seem to be likelier destinations, although any trade would probably require the Galaxy to eat part of Angel's extravagant $1.25 Million salary. I'd be shocked to see United willing to take on another large salary after just acquiring Dwayne De Rosario.

The only reason I could see United making a move for Angel would be an ominous one. If D.C. thinks they have no shot at keeping Charlie Davies in 2012, then Angel could be the pure striker they need.