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MLS Week 17 Schedule, TV Options, Predictions

Hey guys. I'm torn. Maybe you can help me out. I'm debating whether or not it would be a good idea to mock my own readers for the fact that I've just passed them in this contest.

Week 16: Martin 6, Chest 4, AMT 4, Readers 3
Overall: Chest 71, AMT 66, Martin 59, Readers 58

Wednesday July 6, 8:00 PM: New York Red Bulls vs. Toronto FC
Martin: Tie. Chest: NY. AMT: NY.

The Red Bulls are winless in their last 4 and in real need of a pick-me-up. If only the scheduling gods could throw them a bone before their Atlantic Cup matchup with United on the weekend... Oh, they host Toronto mid-week? Some teams get all the luck. (AMT)

Wednesday July 6, 8:30 PM: Sporting Kansas City vs. Colorado Rapids
Martin: KC. Chest: KC. AMT: KC.

What is it with Gary Smith's strikers? There's always one injured or one suspended. Quincy Amarikwa talking himself into a red card after full time should be bizarre, but instead it just made sure Colorado was short a forward like they've been all season. The Sporks are playing well above themselves right now, which should be good enough to beat the Rapids, who are just treading water at the moment. (Chest)

Saturday July 9, 7:30 PM: New York Red Bulls vs. DC United, CSN
Martin: Tie. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

To complete the transaction, it is a contractual requirement for Dwayne De Rosario to move in with former United defender Lyle Adams, and for Dax McCarty to learn a stupid dance move. I recommend The Lawnmower. (Martin)

Wednesday July 6, 10:00 PM: Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Columbus Crew
Martin: Tie. Chest: Clb. AMT: Tie.

Rolling the dice on this one. Jay DeMerit's lingering groin/adductor problem would leave Vancouver with only one good starting defender (Alain Rochat), and Davide Chiumiento's absence leaves them totally reliant on Camilo for creativity. Columbus isn't anything special, but they should be good enough to snag a goal somewhere here and grind this one out. (Chest)

Wednesday July 6, 10:30 PM: Chivas USA vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Martin: Tie. Chest: Chv. AMT: Tie.

When Stephen Lenhart isn't heading the ball out of 'keepers' hands and rolling around playing up contact, he's apparently comparing stadiums to burgers (Stanford Stadium : Buck Shaw Stadium :: In-N-Out 2x2 : McDonald's Big Mac). Even when he's entertaining, I still kind of want to see him get kicked. (AMT)

Saturday July 9, 7:30 PM: Sporting Kansas City vs. Chivas USA, Galavision
Martin: Tie. Chest: KC. AMT: KC.

Something's wrong with this game. Former Chivas de Guadalajara attacker Omar Bravo plays for Kansas City, not Chivas USA? Why? Oh, right, one club is ambitious and just opened a $200 million stadium, while the other is the second tenant in LA and struggles to top an average attendance of 10,000 fans. (Chest)

Saturday July 9, 8:30 PM: Houston Dynamo vs. Toronto FC
Martin: Hou. Chest: Hou. AMT: Hou.

With another week before TFC's much heralded DP signings can take the field for the Reds, I wouldn't expect much out of Ontario results-wise this week. (AMT)

Saturday July 9, 9:00 PM: Real Salt Lake vs. FC Dallas
Martin: Dal. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

Every week, RSL looks more and more frustrated with being the team with high expectations but with all the bad luck in the world. They remind me a bit of the 2007 DC United team that saw things slowly unravel. They're still an excellent team, but they need to figure things out mentally right now instead of just playing the victim all the time. Dallas is probably the best team in the league right now, but RSL should be tight enough at the back to secure a draw. (Chest)

Saturday July 9, 9:00 PM: Colorado Rapids vs. Vancouver Whitecaps
Martin: Clr. Chest: Clr. AMT: Clr.

Eric Hassli is actively plotting his next Goal Of The Year candidate. First he'll earn a yellow card for removing his shirt, then he'll earn a second yellow card for removing Greg Janicki's shirt, then, on his way off the field, he'll boot the ball 50 yards just inside the post, beating Matt Pickens. The goal won't count though, and he'll earn a subsequent red card for time wasting. (Martin)

Saturday July 9, 10:30 PM: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Chicago Fire, FSC
Martin: LA. Chest: LA. AMT: LA.

Yes, even if LA is forced to play without either of their starting center backs, I'd take them to win this one. You know what? They could even bench Donovan, and I'd still pick LA to win here without blinking an eye. Chicago's best player is Dominic friggin' Oduro! How is that even possible? (Chest)

Saturday July 9, 10:30 PM: San Jose Earthquakes vs. Philadelphia Union
Martin: SJ. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

The Philadelphia defense showed signs of weakness in the District on Saturday. If only San Jose had aggressive attackers capable of pressuring the Union's backs and finishing their chances. Oh but wait. They do. Look for Stephen Lenhart and Chris Wondolowski each to score in this one. (Martin)

Sunday July 10, 4:00 PM: Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders, ESPN
Martin: Sea. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

Funny how after criticizing the Timbers for being too reliant on the set piece, Seattle goes on a little streak fueled almost entirely by goals scored off of set pieces. This one will be on ESPN on a Sunday afternoon, so I fully expect the Timbers Army, traveling Seattle fans, and whoever is refereeing the game to call as much attention to themselves as possible. So there should be plenty of opportunity for both teams to score off of set pieces. (AMT)