All Four Concussed Players On The Mend


It's a rare piece of good news for us on the injury front: Devon McTavish and Santino Quaranta did fitness work at practice for the first time in ages, while Blake Brettschneider and Brandon Barklage trained at 100% for the first time since either went down with their respective concussions. This is a very positive development. Not only does getting Brettschneider and Barklage back increase our depth, but psychologically this could be a nice boost for the whole team. McTavish and Quaranta are veterans and well-liked by their teammates, and seeing them back on the field will benefit the entire squad. It might seem minor, but these behind-the-scenes moments of positivity are huge in terms of team spirit. It's also the first time we've heard anything about McTavish being able to train in any capacity, which is a big step towards continuing his career. Previously, the possibility of him being forced into an early retirement had loomed over the situation. Brettschneider is the most likely player of the four to see minutes immediately. Charlie Davies and Josh Wolff are both carrying injuries, and unlike Barklage, Brettschneider has only been out a short while; he should be fine in terms of fitness and being sharp with the ball.

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