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D.C. United Stadium To Be Located On Old Jail Site?

As fans, we remain desperate for any bits of information on a potential new D.C. United stadium. Or land acquisition that could lead to a new DC United stadium. Or hints that someone with any small semblance of political power might be talking about a new D.C. United stadium.

Well this article from the Washington Post today references a new potential location that we had not heard before (as first brought to our attention by The AMT). The article identifies a patch of land just blocks from RFK Stadium, south of the Stadium-Armory Metro stop and west of D.C. General Hospital that could be perfect for the soccer team. What's currently in this location?

A jail.

The proposal by D.C. Council Member Tommy Wells involves the erection of a new jail at the Buzzard Point site that is currently owned by Akridge. Wells is proposing for Akridge to swap a piece of Buzzard Point with the City in exchange for the old jail property. If all goes according to plan, United's new stadium could be where the jail currently resides - at 1901 D Street SE.

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Is this something we should treat as good news? At this point, its just an idea from a Council Member. But at least its a signal that United has a friend in D.C. with Wells. And its more confirmation that United and Akridge may be having ongoing conversations about various parcels of land in and around the District.

Its doubtful that D.C. United will have any comment on the report. They've been intentionally quiet, hoping to avoid another fiasco such as the Prince George's County press conference. We might not hear another word out of United about a new stadium until a loan is signed. We'll just be happy to see progress being made (Is it?).