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Help Stop Domestic Violence, While Helping Martin With His Class Project

Did you know that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury among women aged 15-44?

I didn't either until I listened to a presentation in my Social Media class from L.Y. Mallow, founder of the nonprofit group Saving Promise.

As part of the class, which is a marketing elective for the MBA program at the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business, groups are testing their social media skills by trying to get as many clicks as possible over to the Saving Promise website. We're using every resource available to try to generate more traffic. Well this very blog happens to be one of my resources, so I'm going to go ahead and use it as a platform to ask for a favor.

Can you afford to donate $10 to the cause of helping to stop domestic violence? You can't? Well that's okay too. But if you can't, then you could certainly at least afford to take 30 seconds of your time to click over to read the Saving Promise story, and maybe send the link to a few of your friends via Facebook or Twitter too.

Much appreciated. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.