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D.C. United Jersey Number Update

D.C. United midfielder Stephen King will be switching back to No. 20.
D.C. United midfielder Stephen King will be switching back to No. 20.

There are six players all-time who have worn jersey No. 14 for D.C. United. Two of them will eventually have their names in the Hall Of Tradition. Another one of them was a fan favorite in the early years of the franchise. The other three are forgettable. Can you name all six?

We learned today that the list of players who have worn No. 14 for United will not be expanding to seven with the acquisition of Dwayne De Rosario. Andy Najar is not going to give up his jersey number that easily. But what’s catching me off guard is that De Rosario will not be wearing No. 10 either. He’ll be taking on the No. 7 jersey, while Stephen King will switch back to No. 20, which is what he wore last year.

United’s other new acquisition Brandon McDonald will wear No. 2.

This kind of throws off my feature story on SB Nation D.C. earlier this week, where I wrote about De Rosario being the next great No. 10 for United, trying to fill the shoes left behind by Marco Etcheverry and Christian Gomez. He might not be wearing their jersey, but he’ll still be playing their position. If he can play it well enough to win as many trophies as Etcheverry and Gomez did, maybe someday we’ll be talking about who the next No. 7 will be instead.