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Landon Donovan Goal Vs. Algeria In 2010 World Cup - The 1-Year Anniversary

Where were you when Landon Donovan scored the winning goal against Algeria?
Where were you when Landon Donovan scored the winning goal against Algeria?

And Donovan has scored! Oh can you believe this?! Go go USA! ...Certainly through. Oh it's incredible! You could not write a script like this.

That was a year ago today. And it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

Okay it wasn't the greatest. That would come two weeks later when my daughter was born. But its certainly up there. Moments like that don't come along often. They don't come along often enough. A single solitary moment in time in which an entire nation has a simultaneous reaction: our hands covered our heads in disappointment when Clint Dempsey's attempt is saved, our hands fly into the air in euphoria when Landon Donovan puts it away. Chants of USA were heard all across the country just seconds later.

I described my experience that day in a column for SB Nation D.C. last week. I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments.

After pushing and toiling for 90 straight minutes but always coming up just short, the United States was on the verge of seeing its 2010 World Cup run end in a scoreless draw with Algeria. England and Slovenia would be advancing to the next round, and the U.S. would not. For the last four years, the players and coaches had worked so hard for this opportunity. All of the practice and preparation was about to come to an end. So was Bradley’s international coaching career.

If you don’t know what happened next, then you clearly weren’t at the Pour House in D.C. like I was. Or any other sports bar across the country for that matter. Donovan scored the game-winning goal and the packed bar erupted. High fives were as prevalent as spilled beer and renewed hope. Chants of "USA! USA!" rang out and the celebration was on. Grown ass men who had never before met were now exchanging bear hugs with tears in their eyes.

I also highly recommend reading this piece by SB Nation's Spencer Hall, who eloquently ponders why the moment was so meaningful to us all.

To me its obvious. Because this is what we live for. Its why we watch sports. You can go for years and years without getting the chance to see your favorite teams accomplish anything significant, and then the moment comes, and its suddenly all worthwhile.

For U.S. Soccer fans, that moment was a year ago. For D.C. United fans, we can only hope that that moment is coming soon.

So where were you when Donovan scored? And did the moment mean as much to you as it did to me?