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MLS Week 8 Schedule, TV Options, Predictions

Aside from waxing me in MLS Fantasy this week, young master AMT continues to lead in our predictions contest. With 10 MLS matches on tap, let's see if we can help change that this week.

Week 7: Chest 5, AMT 4, Martin 3, Readers 3.
Overall: AMT 29, Chest 28, Readers 27, Martin 23.

Wednesday May 4, 7:30 PM: D.C. United vs. Seattle Sounders
Martin: Sea. Chest: Tie. AMT: D.C.

I think we'll be much improved here, but my calculations show that adding Improvement to Awful doesn't yet equal Winning. Then again, my last math class was in 1998. Really, I just hope the Sounders don't hit us with another late, heartbreaking goal. (Chest)

Wednesday May 4, 8:30 PM: Houston Dynamo vs. Colorado Rapids
Martin: Hou. Chest: Hou. AMT: Tie.

Some have said that hat trick scorer Will Bruin could be the next Conor Casey. Well Casey has 40 goals over the past three seasons. Bruin has a long way to go, but that dancing bear goal celebration sure was a great way to start. (Martin)

Friday May 6, 10:30 PM: Portland Timbers vs. Philadelphia Union, FSC
Martin: Tie. Chest: Tie. AMT: Por.

Yeah, I learned my lesson. New rule: ride the Timbers at home like it's going out of style. (AMT)

Saturday May 7, 4:00 PM: Real Salt Lake vs. Chivas USA, Telefutura
Martin: RSL. Chest: RSL. AMT: RSL

I'm really worried about Chivas USA in this one. Like, really worried. Here's the deal. They're feeling pretty good about themselves after beating the Revolution by three goals. So they say, hey, we can compete against anyone. Even on the road. And then they face the best team in the league who happens to be really pissed off at the moment and is coming off a full week's rest for the first time since March. Like, really worried. (Martin)

Saturday May 7, 7:00 PM: Toronto FC vs. Houston Dynamo
Martin: Hou. Chest: Hou. AMT: Hou.

Thank you, Toronto, for always reminding the rest of us wannabes (the DC United of the last couple years, Chivas USA, etc.) what true incompetence looks like! (AMT)

Saturday May 7, 7:30 PM: Columbus Crew vs. Seattle Sounders
Martin: Clb. Chest: Tie. AMT: Tie.

Robert Warzycha played for Everton in the early 90s...but wait, Seattle didn't invent soccer until 2007! How the...I think my head's gonna explode. (Chest)

Saturday May 7, 7:30 PM: New England Revolution vs. Colorado Rapids
Martin: Clr. Chest: NE. AMT: Tie.

After the game, Steve Nicol and Gary Smith will have an accent-off. The winner has to move back to the UK. (Chest)

Saturday May 7, 7:30 PM: D.C. United vs. FC Dallas
Martin: D.C. Chest: D.C. AMT: D.C.

I'm just going to peg this game as Dax McCarty's true coming out party. My speculation? He left his mojo in Dallas when he moved east, and his old buddy Brek Shea will be bringing it up for him. It's too logical not to be true, the only hitch will be if Shea - merry prankster that he is - keeps the mojo hidden until after the game. That joker. (AMT)

Saturday May 7, 8:30 PM: Chicago Fire vs. Vancouver Whitecaps
Martin: Tie. Chest: Tie. AMT: Chi.

In a week full of some really good games, these two teams will also play. They each sit at second-to-last place in their respective conferences, and each have six points. I'll be sure to tune in, once all my laundry is done and I clean my house. And my neighbor's house. (Martin)

Saturday May 7, 11:00 PM: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls, ESPN2
Martin: NY. Chest: LA. AMT: LA.

The first leg of the ZOMGWTFMLSBBQ Cup should be a great one, especially with the Red Bulls figuring out that they are allowed to score (and how... ouch) and LA's midfield monster finally waking up in the last couple weeks. Both teams tend to be organized on defense, too, so we could be looking at 1-0 game or another 5-4 shootout. I wouldn't be surprised by either, but I have to give the edge to LA on home soil, especially with the late, late (eastern time) kickoff, which will have New Yorks literally dozens of fans trying to make the agonizing choice between the Red Bulls or Tina Fey on SNL. (AMT)