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D.C. United 1, LA Galaxy 1 - Charlie Davies Earns Penalty, Delivers Draw

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This couldn't be the same team that we had to endure in 2010, could it?

That's what we were thinking for 90 minutes tonight. With only three players who started more than 10 games in 2010 in the starting lineup, how come the results were no different? D.C. United had most of the possession, but none of the goals.

The names were different, but the results were the same. Maybe Josh Wolff is really Danny Allsopp. Maybe Chris Korb is really Carey Talley.

Who then is Charlie Davies? Judging from his cheekily chipped penalty kick attempt, he is Jaime Moreno. And we're not talking about the 2010 Jaime Moreno. We're talking about a player who can conjure up a draw with the Los Angeles Galaxy in the dying moments of a game. We're talking about a player who can create a point when it might not really be deserved.

We've all heard the criticism about Moreno scoring so many of his MLS all-time leading goals from the penalty kick spot. We'll be hearing the same thing about Davies. Three of his four goals this year have come from penalties, but they're goals all the same. And he's leading the league. My response to the criticism of Moreno was that Moreno also created many of those penalty kicks himself. Just like Davies did tonight.

Charlie Davies is the difference between 2010 and 2011. He's a special player.

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