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BlakeBrett 1: Time To Save The World

He awoke to the sound of screaming outside his window. Two hours of sleep was about all he could expect on a night like this. "Time to go save the world again," he muttered.

Blake Brettschneider was a reluctant hero. He didn't ask for these responsibilities. Not now. Not so soon. Under the radar was where he belonged. Its where he'd spent all his days leading up to this point. But times were changing. His club needed him. His country needed him. His world needed him. And he answered the call.

He'd been preparing for this moment his entire life. In college. In high school. During his interplanetary space flight to get to this planet that we call "Earth." He couldn't let them down. He didn't know how to do anything but succeed.

If the BlakeBrett signal is cast into the night sky outside Denver this evening, he'll be ready. He's been ready. The only challenge will be masking his true superpowers until the time is right.