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MLS Power Rankings Week 1: D.C. United Joins 2nd Tier

I was real curious to see how Saturday's match at RFK Stadium would affect the collective MLS Power Rankings as voted on each week by the SB Nation MLS editors. Would D.C. United move up? Or would the Columbus Crew move down. As it turned out, both would be true this week.

After being stuck in the bottom tier for every single week last season, United kicked off the 2011 regular season with a leap into the second tier. That's playoff position, folks. And it may be only based on one week of action, but its telling that a nationwide group of soccer bloggers believes that United is good enough for playoff competition this year.

The Crew, on the other hand, dropped all the way down to the bottom tier, earning only six points from the 18 voters.

There was plenty of other movement from the preseason rankings, as the Seattle Sounders dropped down to the second tier after two straight losses to the begin the season (too high?) and the Philadelphia Union also climbed up to the second tier with their win over the Houston Dynamo.