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Charlie Davies Is Now D.C. United's Penalty Kick Taker

Charlie Davies celebrates his first goal as a member of D.C. United
Charlie Davies celebrates his first goal as a member of D.C. United

You've probably heard by now that Charlie Davies scored two goals for D.C. United in the team's season opening win tonight against the Columbus Crew. You've probably seen the video as well.

But you may still be wondering why Davies took the penalty kick attempt just 12 minutes after entering the field for United. The truth is, Ben Olsen might have been wondering the same thing himself.


Honestly, I probably wouldn't have picked Charlie to take the penalty kick. Dax McCarty grabbed the ball and walked it over to Charlie and said you take it.

When asked who his penalty kick taker is in normal circumstances, Olsen responded, "I don't know. Charlie now."

We spoke with Dax McCarty after the match about the situation and why Davies was chosen as the penalty kick taker at that moment.

It was my responsibility. I knew it was my responsibility. He looked at me and said 'I want this. I need this.' I had 100% confidence. I knew when I gave him the ball he was gonna bury it ... I told him he deserves it.

He's gonna be an absolute force in MLS. He's about 75% right now. He will be one of the best forwards in the league ... I saw it in his eyes.

As for Davies:

I've been waiting such a long time for this exact moment ... You're just lucky to survive [the car accident] but to play soccer again. That's a miracle ... This is just the beginning.